Monday, July 15, 2013

Green Bamboo Cooking School - Hoi An

You may remember waaaaaaay back just after Christmas I went to Hoi An for a little holiday and while I was there I did the Taste of Hoi An street food tour. At the end of Part 2 I hinted at a cooking course, and now you finally get to hear about it!

The "Teacher" on the street food tour, Neville, recommended Green Bamboo Cooking School, and it had been recommended by other friends, so that was the obvious choice. I was just lucky enough to get the last spot on the day I went!
As with most cooking classes, it started with a market tour and then moved on to the kitchen, and rather than tell you I'm going to make this more of a photo essay and just show you!
All kinds of delicious dishes on offer inside the market.
Spices and sticky rice cakes.
It's a lot of work to shred coconut!

More spices and other goodies.

Pre-herbed fish. Ready to cook!

The fish market is always busy!

We then went to our kitchen, which just happened to be right in our instructor's beautiful house!

We got to choose our dishes from a fairly extensive list, and someone had already chosen my favourite Bánh xèo , so I picked the stuffed squid in tomato sauce.

I got to do everything from scratch, including cleaning out these huge squid, which was a new one for me!

We spent ages chopping, dicing, slicing and grating, and then when everything was ready we made each dish one by one, snacking on the first couple while we made the rest.

Wrapping spring rolls.

Making bánh xèo.

Yum! So crispy!

The squid was stuffed with a mixture of pork, onion, carrot, woodear mushroom, and various other spices and condiments.

Banana flower salad with beef and prawns. Another one of my favourites!

Fish in a clay pot. Delicious.

Van making a huge pot of broth for our phở.

Mmmm phở bò (beef noodle soup).

My finished squid. Yum!

That's it! We finished off the day of cooking with a huge feast of all the things we made, and Van gave each of us a pair of cooking chopsticks (extra long ones) and a recipe book so I can make any of these any time! Yum!


  1. that squid! whoa! I dunno if i could have cleaned that out... but the end product looks YUM!

    1. When she said I had to clean the squid myself I definitely had second thoughts about the whole thing, but it really wasn't that bad. And yeah...yum!

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