Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wine Tasting at Vine Cellar Door

One of the best things about the French occupation of Vietnam is the legacy they left behind - cheese, baguettes, and wine! There's a much larger selection of such things here than there was where I lived in Korea, which is kind of nice!

Happy wine drinkers!

There's one wine shop, the Vine Cellar Door, that has wine tastings once a week, so a few weeks ago a few friends and I decided to go. It's an ok deal, you pay 250,000 VND (about $13) and you get 8 tastings of wine, snack food, and a voucher for 250,000 VND off wine purchases over 500,000. I've been before and it was a much better deal, which I guess is why it wasn't nearly as busy this time as it used to be! However, it still makes for a fun evening out.

Wine makes Ron sing!

We started with dinner nearby at Dieu's Cuisine (I'll post about that place sometime - it's amazing!) because based on past experience the food you get at Vine isn't enough to sustain you through an evening of wine drinking! By the time we finally moved on to Vine we figured we had to have a new wine every 10 minutes, which is doable considering they're only tastings, but we were still trying to figure out which staff member was the most generous pourer!

Vine has two floors, the main floor and the cellar, which is, of course, mostly full of bottles of wine. It's fun to go down there and poke around the shelves, and to check out the discount table!

It's tough when it comes time to decide what bottle to buy!

Hmmm, which one do I want to take home with me?

As you can imagine, as more wine is consumed, things start to go a little crazy...

After the wine tasting we decided to move on to 21° North, which has a great location right next to the lake. Many beers were had there, the silliness continued, and Kay found an adorable puppy to play with!

So that's it! A good fun night, and a nice alternative to the usual bar we go to!

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