Monday, January 23, 2012

Hanoi Cooking Centre Part Two - Class

If you've read Part One of this series, you got to see the plethora of wonderful produce available to me in the market. Now, you can see the second part of the class - actual cooking! In between dishes we got to try some of the weird and wonderful things we bought in the market...just to keep it interesting!

Although it was a cooking class, because of time constraints we didn't exactly do everything ourselves. As you can see, some of the more basic chopping (particularly of meats) was done for us, but the final assembly was all our own!

Ingredients for seafood spring rolls

Huyen is showing us how to wrap and batter our spring rolls. I didn't particularly like these, they were breadcrumbed and not the traditional ones I was expecting!

Caroline and Russell carefully
 folding their spring rolls
Ready to be fried!

Me and my partner Steve, rolling happily!

I mentioned earlier that we'd been offered a lot of things to try from the of them was an egg with a partly formed chick inside....

and yes, I ate it. (It's not as bad as it eat eggs, and you eat chicken, right? So why not?)

Christine and Deborah cooking up
their caramel pork.
Silkworm larvae, toasted, with lime leaves.

Yes, I ate it. (Had them many times before in Korea, so it wasn't a big deal)

There are baby bananas inside the flower!
After the spring rolls and caramel pork we moved on to Banana Flower Salad, which is one of my most favourite Vietnamese dishes EVER! It's good to know how to make it now!

Chopping up the good parts of the flower.

Our final dish of the day was Chè, a Vietnamese dessert with coconut milk. It comes in different varieties, hot and cold, but this was a hot one with peanuts and black sesame seeds.

Steve chopping up our banana flower.
Cooking centre guy making Chè. We didn't do
any of the work for this one!

The finished products! Time to eat!

Banana Flower Salad

Steve sampling our Caramel Pork

Seafood Spring Rolls

Hot Chè with peanut and black sesame.

Partners in Cooking!

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  1. yum!! all looks amazing!! I know what you mean about the spring rolls!


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