Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hanoi street food - Chicken Street

Hanoi is famous for its street food, and one of my favourite dinner options in Hanoi is Chicken Street. I love chicken. I love it so much that I could probably quite happily eat it every day, and here there's a whole street dedicated to barbecued chicken! What could be better?

The whole street is full of barbecued chicken restaurants, but my favourite is the first one on the left. It has proper chairs (as opposed to teeny tiny plastic stools) and the best tasting chicken!

This guy is constantly outside, manning the grill, performing a carefully timed dance of raw chicken to delicious sauce to cooked chicken to potatoes, and sending out a steady stream of tasty treats!

You can choose from a fairly comprehensive menu of all things chicken, and don't forget the beer!

Then they take the raw chicken parts from their large pile....

...grill them up...

....and deliver them to your table cooked perfectly on skewers, complete with crispy, delicious skin.

You can also have some yummy potatoes...

...and some banh my. This is honey bread - it's a very light baguette that gets toasted until it's crispy, squashed flat, then coated in honey. Amazing.

They automatically bring you these delicious cucumbers that are marinated in a sweet vinegary sauce with a hint of chili.

Of course these are the only vegetables you get aside from the potatoes, so this place is really meant for true carnivores!

And if you like it spicy, you can dip it all in chili sauce!

See? Everybody loves chicken street!

Oh yeah, and there's this adorable cat that you could feed your scraps to...if it wasn't tied up!

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