Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hanoi Food Challenge - Day 6

Friday was day 6 of my Hanoi Food Challenge...almost done!

 photo HanoiFoodChallengeButton.pngOn Friday I convinced Sam to go out for lunch with me, and to entice him I suggested the vegetarian restaurant just around the lake from work (that boy loves his vegetarian food). However, he said he didn't think it was very good, but he knew a different one a short walk down Kim Ma street, so we went there instead.

The inside of the restaurant had rather uncomfortable chairs that didn't fit under the tables, which was awkward. It also came with a little kid who wouldn't shut up.

This is one of those places that serves tofu and bean curd products made into meat-like substances. On the menu it's listed as "chicken" or "beef".
Sam convinced me to order this corn milk, which is thick, creamy, and sweet. I was skeptical but it's better than it sounds!

We also ordered these spring rolls but I'm not sure what was in them,

 this green vegetable, which I think was white basil leaves, fried with garlic,

 and this "beef" with lemongrass and chili.

It was all pretty tasty, as long as you didn't expect the "beef" to taste like beef. It was more like slightly crunchy/chewy fried tofu. Sam said it used to be different, and much better!

After work on Friday I went to Eté as usual, but resisted the urge to eat there (although I confess I stole more than a few of Ian's chips). Instead, I went with Sam and his new wife Ha to Jade Restaurant, just down the street.

Jade serves Singaporean food, and had been highly recommended both by other friends and on the New Hanoian website, so it was near the top of my list of places to try.

It's located in a big theatre on a very busy road, but is a bit set back from the street so the noise isn't too intrusive. There are tables and chairs outside on the patio, so although there's some street noise, it's a pretty decent environment.

The happy newlyweds!

A sample page of the menu.
 We ordered xu xu (chayote, pronounced su-su) greens fried with garlic, which is a vegetable that seems to be offered when they're out of whatever you ask for, but is probably the best green veg to have!

These clams in coconut sauce with chili were absolutely delicious!

We also ordered deep fried frog, which is a meat that somehow I'd never had before. It was very tender and white, and reminded me of fish more than chicken.

And we got Kung Poh Chicken, which was quite spicy but very very yummy!

I can see why Jade Restaurant comes so highly recommended. I'll definitely be going back!

I have one more day to report on, plus a recap of which places I'll definitely go back to, and which ones to skip!

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