Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Finger Food!

Yesterday I made a statement that I was skipping Halloween this year, but I confess now, that's not entirely true. It's not that I don't like Halloween, I just only seem to care about it if I've had a brilliant costume idea, and this year I didn't have that, or the energy to try. Combine that with having felt somewhat under the weather on Friday and going out for a big drinking session on Saturday didn't appeal too much. I made plans to exchange the typical post-Halloween hang over today for some time spent baking.

After being sent this recipe for Spooky Witches' Fingers by my regular daily email from, I was inspired! I'd been thinking of making a tasty Halloween treat to take in to my workmates on Monday anyway, and with no rolling out of dough required, this one seemed to fit the bill!

I modified the recipe by adding green food colouring (witches always have green skin, right?) and a little extra sugar, and got to sculpting fingers. Turns out it was more work than I thought, and I'd have been just as well off rolling out dough anyway. Oh well! I tried dipping the ends in strawberry jam and red sprinkles to look like blood, but with a little trial and error discovered that that was better done after they came out of the oven. (Why didn't I know this before? I've decorated tons of cookies in the past!) I stuck the "fingernails" on with more strawberry jam, and presto! Severed Monsters' Fingers! (Cookies grow when they bake, and I couldn't seem to get them thin and spindly enough to be witches fingers without just falling apart) So here they are.....hope all you RMITers enjoy these tomorrow!

And enjoy the photo now, as they're quite fragile and I'm not sure they'll survive the xe om ride to work intact!

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  1. I wanted to take one to my workshop to show students, but by the time I got to level 6 it had gone. Oops.


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